Monday, April 25, 2011

Cincinnati Kitchen Remodel

Working in a different city can be challenging. It's not that the work is any different, it's that your resources are no longer right at your finger tips. In the construction industry we rely on people that we know will do a good job. Being in a different city suddenly cuts you off from those resources and makes you look at things a little differently. It also makes you do more of the work yourself and rely less on others. I was fortunate to have a place to stay and some contractors willing to make the drive out to get the job accomplished. Two such resources were Kitchen Jewels who built and delivered the cabinets and Olympia Stone who manufactured and installed the granite counter tops. These are two of my favorite contractors for cabinets and tops, and I highly recommend them. The tile work was done by Mark Pardekooper of Pardekooper Flooring, LLC. Mark has always done an excellent job anytime that a client has needed tile work done as well as giving me great leads for new clients. I consider Mark a valuable resource and a friend. He gets the highest of my recommendations.

The following are some before and after pictures. After 25 years in the industry it is still a wonderful thing to be able to see the transformations that take place when remodeling.

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