Monday, April 25, 2011

Warning! Flood Alert!

Almost every day for the past couple of weeks the weather application on my phone has been sending me Flood Alert Warnings. Yes, it is spring in Indianapolis and we are getting those 'April showers to bring May flowers'. But, don't forget that this is the most dangerous time for your basement. As the rains bombard us it fills up the water table and can make your sump pump work overtime and then some. It's a very wise idea to make sure that you have a back up pump and a backup power supply as well. I have done a few basement repairs over the years due to the seasonal flooding. Don't let it happen to you. However, if you would like to remodel your basement despite the rains, and because you have your sump pumps working at their best the basement is a great place to make improvements in your home. The following is a quick image of some wainscoting that I completed in just such a basement remodel:

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