Friday, July 22, 2011

Mud Room Addition




Here are some image of a small Mud Room addition. This is taking an exterior porch area and enclosing it into the back hallway of the house to create a Mud Room. This room will have a bench with cabinets above for storage on one side and cabinets enclosing a freezer and a broom closet type of cabinet on the opposite wall. I will try to get images of the interior when it is finish if there is enough room to take pictures. The new room is approximately 9' x 4'

New Stair Railing


This is a set of Lockers that was built in what was the laundry room of the house. The washer and the dryer were moved to another location and these were built in their place. I also built a Pantry cabinet unit in a nook across from the Lockers, but there really wasn't enough room to get a picture of that.


This is a set of Bookcases that were built in an existing den. The house had recently been sold and the new Home Owner contacted me to build more Book Cases in the den as she has TONS of books. I had built the original Book Cases a few years ago, and I always enjoy adding to the things that I have previously done.

New Kitchen Cabinets

This is an overview of a Kitchen that I installed. The Cabinets are Kitchen Jewels and the drawing for the Hood is here: Hood Drawing. Unfortunately I didn't take any before pictures.