Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lockers With Bead Board Wainscot

 Here is a set of Lockers with Radiata Pine Bead Board Wainscoting. I tried to get a price for this Bead Board yesterday for an estimate and the Lumber Company I use informed me that the Plant in Chile that produced this material burned down. It's very sad and unfortunate. It looks like I'm going to have to source a new supplier.

Built In Bookcases

Getting decent images of these built in bookcases was a little sketchy with my cell phone but I think it gets the idea across okay. The Bookcases actually extend all the way across the top of the window with a 12 inch "Cubby". All of the drawers are file drawers. These are built in a house located in Broadripple. I enjoy working on older homes as matching the moulding and the uneven walls and floors add a bit of a challenge to the work.

Closet Addition

It can often seem as though closet space is at a premium. Here, I built a 6 foot wide by 2 foot deep closet above the garage to hold an upstairs washer and dryer. An engineer was hired to draw up the plans and I built it to those specifications. The post at the Garage stairs is to support the end of the Laminated Beam that holds the weight of the Washer and Dryer. I also rebuilt the garage steps so that they would be deeper per request of the Homeowner.

Crown Detail

This is a detail shot of Two Part Crown Moulding (base and crown). I was brought in to finish this job that had been started by someone else. I get the impression that they didn't know how to run the Base and the Crown as this was the only section of the beams where the Two Part was missing. Being an angle that is over 45 degrees on the Miter Box does make running the moulding tricky.

Built in Wine Rack

This was a basement finishing job. The Built In Wine Rack was the only picture that I took of the job. It consisted mostly of setting doors, building closets, and running casing and base board. I consider these the 'Bread and Butter' of Interior Trim Carpentry.

Drywall Beams

I built these Drywall Beams in a Dentist office for F.C.C. Development. The challenge with them was attaching them to the ceiling  as they are built down from it. The actual ceiling is a 'Suspended Ceiling' so that the mechanicals can run above it. After I framed the Beams, M and M Drywall finished the beams, and hung the ceiling. I ran the crown moulding after that. Another design element is quarter circle curve in the lower image. The Crown Mould on this is a flexible plastic moulding.

Basement Bar Island

This is the Bar Island Back that I built to dress up the island. This is in the same basement as the previous post. The Clip to the island was framed in and the back side finished. A shorter cabinet in the front of the island along with the clip allowed it to come out further from the wall than just the two existing cabinets. Along with the added height of the island back; it gives the space more of a Bar type of feel.

Built Ins and Corner Unit

These units were built in the basement. The Corner Unit was built specifically to the size of the TV. Often a corner unit will take up a lot more space than a similar cabinet not built into the corner, however, the corner unit worked out very well in this application.

The Bookcases have lights built into the top and Glass shelves to let the light shine down through them.

Mantle Re-build

The existing mantle was simply a shelf attached to the wall above the fireplace. You can see where it was removed on the wall. The trim around the edge of the tile was removed and this Mantle built around the existing tile. The mantle is built to match the style of the Mantle on the other side of this pass through fireplace as well as the Island from the previous post.

Island Re-work

These images show the complete re-working of the back of an Island. This re-work created more counter space on the island as well as a more decorative appearance to the back of the island. The fun feature of this island is the far left panel. This panel was built over the front of a book case cabinet with a push latch so that the panel opened like a door. When the panel is closed it is hard to tell that it is a door. By using the push latch, no knob or handle was needed and the panel remains more hidden. This was a fun little project.

Big Lockers

These lockers were built for the same customer from the previous post. The cabinet on the far left was taken from the kitchen and incorporated into the lockers. This cabinet has roll out drawers and still serves as a pantry as it did in the kitchen. The cabinet on the far right is a 'Broom Closet' and houses brooms, vacuums, and various cleaning supplies. The middle section is all locker storage for the kids book bags, hats, coats, shoes and what ever else they decide to put in them. The stained bench top lifts open for more storage in the bench.

Island Rebuild

Islands are the centerpieces of the kitchen. This Island certainly makes that statement. This was built around the existing Island which was simply a few cabinets set in the middle of the room. The posts were built and fluted from scratch. The whole kitchen was updated by painting and glazing all the cabinets (done by another contractor) and with some other modifications to the cabinets besides just Island (done myself). Unfortunately, I don't have any images of the finished kitchen, but it was a wonderful transformation as you can imagine.

Post Wrap

Here is another example of a Drawing and the execution of that drawing. This customer wanted to spruce up (no pun intended) their front porch posts. This is result in raw wood. Once painted it blends nicely with the rest of the porch and looks like it had always been that way.

Tall Wainscot, Built ins, and Mantle

This series of images is of a house built by Steve Sears Building Co. It is located in North Broadripple in Indianapolis. The first Images are of some taller Wainscoting and Built In Bookcases that I built in pine. Also note the beams that help to section off the room. The homeowner wanted a 'Rustic' feel for this portion of the house and thus, pine was chosen. I've included the pre-stain images as well to show what the raw product looked like. For me, stain can make or break how a project turns out. The grain here is a little bit on the busy side for me, but it certainly has that 'Rustic' feel.

The last image is of the Built ins and the mantle in the Family Room. Painted woodwork seems to be more in vogue right now. It certainly has that 'Classic' feel.

Mud Room Addition Interior

Here are the pictures of the interior of the Mud Room addition. Because of the small size of the room it was hard to get full images of the cabinets on the inside, but this gives a fair idea of the use of the space.